Herbicort, wounds medicine without pain


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King of wound medicine without pain is made from 100 % Herbal. Invented and produced by Sari Sehat which has been experienced since 1952. It has been proven to be effective, no pain and without side effects

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HERBICORT is wound medicine without pain processed from natural plant materials that have traditionally distinctive aroma and proven to cure and dry out various kinds of injuries such as:

  • Laceration due to fall, hit iris blades, claws hit, and more
  • Burns due to contact with the fire, contact with hot water, contact with chemical substances and others
  • Bruising injuries from falls, nail dislodged, collide, depleted skin surgery, and more
  • Sprue wounds and inflammation of the gums
  • Used to sort ankle, fatigue, muscle spasm relaxes and warms the muscles
  • Wounds caused by Tomcat toxins 

How it works:

Reducing pain in the wound, help heal wounds, prevent keloid, eliminating bruising and heal swollen.

HERBICORT is the development of new formulations in Herbal treatment for wounds that have several advantages:

  • Has proven different HERBICORT another bandage. Treatment with HERBICORT painless or painful at the time of the wound treated, because HERBICORT formulated in the form of oil so that when there is direct contact between the wound HERBICORT we do not have to worry about pain or painful
  • HERBICORT allows us to do the treatment of injuries to children because it does not cause pain or stinging
  • HERBICORT can accelerate the healing process of open wounds should be covered with bandages or gauze, because HERBICORT constituents in the form of oil will coat the bandage / gauze so that when wound mongering gauze fibers do not stick to the wound and when replacing the gauze will be convenient because it does not arise pain or painful. So HERBICORT also suitable for treating wounds circumcision / cutting Packaging

How To Use:

  • For scratches / burns, apply Herbicort on the wound, if you want to close the wound drops Herbicort on a cotton then paste on the wound. (characteristics: the pain vanished and not sore upon use Herbicort)

  • For bumps and bruises, drops and rub Herbicort on parts bumps and bruises. Bumps will immediately fade away, Bruising will disappear within two days. (characteristics: the pain disappear)

  • For sprue / gingivitis, drops Herbicort on cotton then compresses on the sprue / gingivitis. (characteristics: pain will disappear, no stinging upon use Herbicort and sprue / gingivitis will gradually recover in 1 to 2 days) the best use is when the time going to sleep

  • For sprains / muscle spasms, apply Herbicort and do massage as needed.

  • For irritation, apply Herbicort evenly on the irritation (characteristics: pain, burning, itching, heat will instantly disappear, the skin will return to normal within 1 to 2 days)

Packaging: Packed with @ 15 ml glass bottle, to maintain the quality HERBICORT.

Registration Number: POM TR. 132 672 681

Description Composition:

  • Essential oils Domesticae Curcumae Rhizoma has anti-bacterial activity against E-coli and antifungal against Candida albicans.
  • Kaempferiae Rhizoma contains essential oils and starch are used as external medicine for treating bruises, swelling and stiffness, can be used as well.
  • to sort sprained foot, relaxes muscles spasms and warms the muscles Oleum Eucalypti sineol contains essential oils and terpineol which is a foreign drugs to treat spasms in the legs, wounds and skin rash.
  • Benzoe Sumatra widely used to treat abrasions, burns and cuts.
  • Semen persicae contains amigdalin, emulsin, oleic acid, glyceric acid, linoleic acid and triolein which is outside as anti-infective drugs and analgesics.
  • The content of the active compounds in Resina Draconis resin berkasiat heal the wounds on the skin such as abrasions and bruises, as well as efficacious as an analgesic.


Curcumae Domesticae Rhizoma

13 %

Centelia Asiatica Herba

10 %

Piperis Folium 

5 %

Benzoe Sumatra

5 %

Persicae Semen

5 %

Draconis Resina 

Carthami Flos 

Jasmini Flos Fragrance

15 %

5 %

2 % 





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Herbicort, wounds medicine without pain

Herbicort, wounds medicine without pain

King of wound medicine without pain is made from 100 % Herbal. Invented and produced by Sari Sehat which has been experienced since 1952. It has been proven to be effective, no pain and without side effects

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