Sari Sehat, Capung Herbal Cough Powder 1box @12sachets (6box)


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Powder for Cough Medicine

Magic powder to cure all types of cough
Effective for: Cough treatment

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Capung Herbal Cough Powder is made from natural ingredients which are efficacious and effective for cough with phlegm and relieve dry cough as well as to relieve breathing. Natural ingredients that have been processed in a modern way make Capung Herbal Cough Powder quickly efficacious and safely consumed without any side effects

Effective for:

  • Help to relieve from cough with phlegm and hacking cough
  • Relieve respiratory


  • Children (above 12 years of age) : ½ sachet, 3 times a day
  • Adult : 1 sachet, 3 times a day Serve with half a glass of warm water

Cautions: Contact your doctor immediately if cough continues until 4 days 

Package: Box, 12 sachets @ 700 mg 

Registration Number: POM TR 082 287 341 

Description of Ingredients:

  • The active compounds of Glycyrrhiza glabra L ( Glycyrrizae Radix or Liquiritae Radix ) contains glycrrhizine, saponins, liquirine, glycosides, asparagines and liquiritae acid. Glycyrrhizine is the main compound and works to accelerate mucus secretion from the throat and is regarded as a cough medicine and expectorant
  • The active compounds of Mentha arvensis L. are menthol, camphene, limonene, pinene and piperitone. Mentha Herba, the leaves and buds of Mentha javanica familia lamiaceae, has a fresh unique aroma, strong taste and cooling effect. Besides its unique taste, Mentha is also able to provide relief for sore throat and cough
  • Amomum cardamomum is a plant of Cardamommi fructus. It can be used for healing flatulence, mouth smell, vomiting, maag , cough, influenza, fever and sprue. Cardamommi fructus is consist of volatile oil, sineol, terpineol, borneol, sugar, fat and protein


Glycyrrhizae radix 350 mg
Menthae herba 175 mg
Cardamommi fructus 175 mg




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Wow setelah meminum obat batuk puder Capung, batuk berkurang, tidurpun sudah tidak diganggu oleh batuk. setelah menkonsumsi 7 sachet batuk sembuh.
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Kemudian saya coba menggunakan obat batuk puder Capung, saya tuang dalam mulut dan diamkan larut pelan-pelan oleh air liur, kemudian saya tidur kembali.

Alhasil malam itu batuk sudah tidak menganggu tidur saya dan setelah saya menconsumsi sekitar 7 sachet batuk saya pun sembuh.

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Sari Sehat, Capung Herbal Cough Powder 1box @12sachets (6box)

Sari Sehat, Capung Herbal Cough Powder 1box @12sachets (6box)

Powder for Cough Medicine

Magic powder to cure all types of cough
Effective for: Cough treatment

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